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Classic FM supports LMN Musicians in Residence in special schools across the UK

Our daughter’s name is Rosie. Today was the happiest, most engaged, and fully aware with anticipation, that we have ever seen her! It showed us what she is capable of, in the right hands, and I can't thank Lee and Yvonne enough. They obviously worked so hard with everyone involved. Are there plans to do any more workshops like this, and are there any available out with of school? Many, many thanks for a truly memorable day for us and that goes for Rosie too! Parent, Glasgow

During the past four months, six special schools across the UK have been hosting LMN Musicians in Residence, supported by Classic FM. Not only did pupils have the opportunity to hear a range of LMN performances, but they also took part in weekly music-making sessions with their resident LMN musicians.

One striking outcome reported by staff was how children, who normally find it hard to engage in group activities, were able to develop their communication and social skills through the musical activities. This observation is well documented in published research and demonstrates just how vital it is for children with additional needs to have access to regular music-making – something which LMN advocates through its concerts and projects in special schools.

"Mark was able to stay in the group and be part of the session without running off. He developed turn taking skills and gave better eye contact. He found the session calming and relaxing".

Sam Jackson, managing editor, Classic FM, said: "We're delighted that funding raised from Classic FM's listeners has enabled hundreds of children in special schools to enjoy inspirational performances and specialist workshops by talented professional musicians from Live Music Now."

LMN Musician Rhys Matthews has been working with students in Wrexham, Wales. To read about his experience with Ben, a student with visual impairment, click here.


LMN Musician Sophie Crawford has been working with students in Watergate School in South London

"Delan liked the sound of the bassoon with its deep notes, and asked for the bassoon by reaching towards it. She found it very calming. In the performance she sat and played the drum – a big achievement for her".

Participating Schools include:

Priory Woods School, Middlesbrough

Springfield Elms Federation At Bluebell Park, Merseyside

St Christopher's School, Wrexham

Pathways School, West Yorkshire

Watergate School, Lewisham

Langlands School, Glasgow


LMN Ensembles performing in the schools include:

Elfair Dyer and Helen Wilson (Harp and Flute)

Symmetry Duo (Violins)

Goodman Quartet (Wind Quartet)

Foyle / Stsura Duo (Violin and Piano)

Flutes en Route (Flute Duo)

StringSound (String Trio)

Project Jam Sandwich (World Music Trio)

Musala Trio (Jazz Trio)

Steppin Out Trio (Folk Trio)

The Absentees (Folk Duo)

Radigun (Folk Duo)

Jennifer Port (Clarsach)


We will be publishing a full evaluation of the project with case studies from all participating schools in our 2014 Yearbook.