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Clemency Burton-Hill presents Live Music Now during BBC Radio 4 Appeal

On Sunday 22 May, Clemency Burton-Hill will take to the airwaves to present the work of Live Music Now to the nation during the BBC Radio 4 Appeal, a weekly programme highlighting the work of a charity and appealing for donations.

Clemency, herself a violinist, broadcaster and journalist, will celebrate the transformative power of live music, focusing on real life examples of people whose lives have been significantly improved by participating in our concerts.

“Many years ago I was lucky enough to experience the incredible work of Live Music Now. I will never forget what I witnessed. I knew then, as I know now, even more profoundly, that the work that Live Music Now does is invaluable.”– Clemency Burton-Hill for Live Music Now

Donations can be made online, over the phone or by cheque, and are accepted until 23:59 on Saturday 28 May. Donations can be made online and over the phone until 23:59 on Saturday 28 May, or by cheque anytime. We are hugely appreciative of all donations.

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 22nd at 07:54 and 21:25, Thursday 26th at 15:27 or after the first broadcast on the link below. If you’re listening in, why not spread the word and invite a friend or loved one to listen along by sharing the link with them?

Listen to the BBC Radio 4 Appeal here.

The BBC Radio 4 Appeal comes as Live Music Now celebrates its birthday on Wednesday 25 March, marking 45 years since Yehudi Menuhin’s founding of the organisation. All funds raised through the Appeal will go towards ensuring the continued existence and important work of the organisation, bringing social impact through music.

Clemency Burton-Hill took to Instagram to spread the word too.


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