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European Folk Network is mapping the traditional/folk sector


LMN Wales traditional musician Angharad Jenkins introduces the mapping survey for the European Folk Network


Are you an organisation in Europe working in the folk/traditional sector? Please complete this survey!

At the inaugural conference in Brussels last November, European Folk Network (EFN) members identified a top priority:  the need for mapping and understanding the scope of the folk/traditional arts sector in Europe.  At the same time, members at the conference recognised the importance of engaging young people in the traditional arts.

So, despite the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown, EFN is working in partnership with Scotland’s Traditional Music Forum with an online survey to begin the Mapping research, and, in collaboration with Wales Arts International, adding a section that covers the basic points of the way that organisations across Europe connect with young people, as audiences, artists, and in many other ways.  Support for this stage of the project comes from British Council Scotland/Creative Scotland and Wales Arts International.

This initial survey is the first stage in a long-term process of contacting and identifying organisers and organisations.  It will establish basic information on the active organisations in as many countries as possible – but EFN is continuing to seek funds to extend the reach of the Mapping research and ways of analysing, presenting and communicating the information in updatable digital and social media formats as well as in-person presentations at sector events across Europe when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

This first stage of the survey will concentrate on organisations, not individual artists – but in future work EFN will look at ways in which artists can also be researched and represented.




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