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Live Music Now at the Royal Society of Medicine


All at Live Music Now are delighted to be partnering with the Royal Society of Medicine to lead a conference examining the current evidence base for using music to impact different neurological disorders amongst older people. This includes how live music can affect the treatment of dementia, stroke, motor disorders and acquired brain injuries; as well as consideration of methodological aspects and potential for the future.

The event will take place on 16 November 2015, and will include presentations from leading academics from around the world. Speakers include Dr Wendy Magee (Temple University, Philadelphia ); Professor Frederike van Wijck; (Glasgow Caledonian University); Professor Norma Daykin, and Dr David Walters (University of Winchester) and Professor Grenville Hancox (Canterbury Christ Church University). The keynote address will be given by Professor Stephen Clift (Canterbury Christ Church University).

For further details about the event, and to book online, please visit the RSM’s website at

“We’re thrilled to be working with the RSM on this exciting event. For nearly 40 years, LMN musicians have been working with older people, people in hospital, and children with special educational needs and disabilities, and seeing remarkable effects. Our own research, and that of other organisations around the word, is now demonstrating the medical implications of these effects. We believe live music has a greater role to play in health and social care, and this rigorous appraisal of the evidence base is a necessary step in taking this forward, and adapting our own practices. If this is an area of interest to you, please join us on this journey.” – Evan Dawson, Executive Director, Live Music Now

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