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Live Music Now musicians on why they like working with us…

We asked some of our musicians what they enjoyed about working with us.

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Jali Bakary Konteh – kora player

My Musical Journey

I come from Gambia in West Africa. I play the Kora, which is like a harp with 21 strings. I started to play when I was 7 years old. My father and uncle taught me. That’s how we learn – grandfather to father and father to son. I came to London and I play with a jazz band, my own band and perform with a duo and solo.

Why Live Music Now?

I started to work with Live Music Now and it was amazing. I really enjoy working with them – they are so helpful. They helped me a lot with connecting with different types of people and venues such as care homes, hospitals and schools. I’m grateful to work with them.


Zoe Wren – Folk singer and guitarist

My Musical Journey

I started singing and playing piano when I was very young, but I got into folk music after my parents took me to a folk festival aged 12. I started off by busking and in my journey since then I’ve played at lots of concerts and festivals and released several EPs.

Why Live Music Now?

I think that music is so much about communicating and sharing, and I feel that my work with LMN makes my musical life so much more meaningful. The training and support that LMN provides is very important, because it means that both the musicians and audiences get the best experience possible. I can honestly say that I’ve grown and developed so much as a musician through LMN, and seen first-hand the transformative powers of music for our audiences.


Joe Steele – Saxophone with Boubakiki

Musical Journey

My musical journey began when I was nine; my parents encouraged me to play an instrument and I immediately chose the saxophone. I only became truly passionate about music when I started to compose my own material as a teenager. I started off making pieces for piano or saxophone, then moved on to score pieces for ensembles. In my teenage years I also began to get involved in theatre. I studied for a BA in Music at the University of York in which I furthered my interest in combining music and theatre, leading me to study on the MA in Opera Making & Writing (Composition) at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I enjoy the diversity of my work now: some performing, some workshop leading, some composing – with the lines between these being often blurred, which is great!

Why Live Music Now?

LMN is a brilliant scheme in so many ways. It provides a great structure for musicians and ensembles to develop their craft, whilst diversifying their skills to make them into more effective communicators and music leaders. Getting to share our passion for music with different groups of people is what makes it all worthwhile.

Joe Steele features in our short film, Musical Lives. Watch it here.

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