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Live Music Now welcomes two new trustees to the Board of Governors

Live Music Now welcomes two new trustees, Alasdair Tait and Baroness Morgan of Ely, to the Board of Governors under the Founder Chairmanship of Ian Stoutzker CBE.

Alasdair Tait will serve as the Governor of England's South East/London branch. An alumnus of the Live Music Now scheme, Scottish cellist Alasdair Tait has performed in many of the world's major concert halls and is also much sought after as a chamber music coach and teacher. In 2009 Alasdair took up the position of Head of Chamber Music at Guildhall School of Music and Drama alongside his continuing role as Chief Executive of Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT).

'I have been connected with Live Music Now in some capacity for nineteen years, initially as a musician on the scheme and later as a member of the London advisory committee. Live Music Now provided me with my first real experience of how important and moving that simple link between performer and listener can be. Most of all it forced me to recognise what an immense responsibility we have as performers, being given the chance to reach people, touch people in ways that are deeply personal, allowing an emotional connection that can often be profoundly moving and healing. For a young musician at the beginning of their career, this direct experience is invaluable. As a LMN Governor and Chair of the London committee, I am proud to advocate for the continuing need and importance of LMN in an increasingly more competitive and demanding musical world.'

Baroness Morgan of Ely will serve as the new Governor for Live Music Now in Wales.

Eluned Morgan was granted a peerage in 2010 and is known officially as Baroness Morgan of Ely. She was the youngest member of the European Parliament when she was first elected in 1994 and served a period of 15 years representing Wales for the Labour Party.

She currently has a role as Director of National Development for SSE (a large energy company) in Wales. She is also Chair of the Cardiff Business Partnership. She is on the Board of the Wales Governance Centre and is an Honorary Distinguished Professor and Fellow of Cardiff University.

'When I attended my first performance by a LMN at a care home, I was deeply moved; not just by the excellence of the music and the professional interaction of the musician with the older people, but more profoundly by their reaction. The audience came to life, they became enthused and animated. It was clearly a highlight of their week. Music can transform a monotonous every day existence into a joyous quality of life experience. I am so proud to be associated with Live Music Now.'

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