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Live Music Now chosen to have film made by Media Trust

Live Music Now has been given the opportunity to tell its story by national communications charity Media Trust, Sainsbury's and Google. The Untold Stories scheme matches small charities with top filmmakers who volunteer their time to create professional films that demonstrate the impact of the charities' work.

Live Music now is one of 25 charities selected to take part in the eighth series of Media Trust's Untold Stories scheme, which has produced more than 175 films for small charities working in a wide range of areas including disability, community, race relations, sport, arts and the environment.The films will be broadcast on Media Trust's national television channel, Community Channel, in the spring and, with Google's support, distributed widely online.

Film-maker Tara Jang and a crew of professionals are producing a short film about the LMN's work with musicians, older people and children with special educational needs.

Lis Ssenjovu, LMN UK Co-ordinator said, "We were overjoyed to hear we'd been selected for the Untold Stories scheme. Our work is very experiential: it is difficult to explain the profound effect that live music has on our audiences without seeing it first hand. The opportunity we have with Untold Stories will help us demonstrate our impact in a way we've never been able to do before".

The film will feature footage of LMN concerts in situ and include exclusive interviews with some of our alumni and others involved in our sessions, from care-takers to patients and all those in between that make what we do possible.

LMN will be screening the film at the 35th anniversary concert on the 29th May at Kings Place.

Director Tara Jang talks with residents of Cheverton Lodge.

Photo Credit: Natalie Imms

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