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LiveLINCS – A new partnership in Lincolnshire

Live Music Now Yorkshire & Lincolnshire will be working with soundLINCS (Lincolnshire's Music Agency) for the first time this autumn, on a project entitled 'LiveLINCS' which will combine the skills of both organisations' musicians to deliver a collaborative workshop programme in four of Lincolnshire's special schools.

Live Music Now artists, Michael Haywood and Laura Grime, are a duo who perform an unique blend of traditional Scottish, jazz and self-composed music on a multitude of instruments. They have been working regularly for Live Music Now for the last three years, specialising in work with early years groups and schools, and have represented Live Music Now on the International Stage delivering collaborative programmes in Abu Dhabi and Berlin.

Their natural talent for engaging the most profoundly disabled children, and their collaborative and creative approach to music-making mean that Michael and Laura are the ideal musicians to launch this new relationship with soundLINCS.

LMN's activity as part of this collaboration is funded by The Whitaker Charitable Trust

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