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LMN CEO Janet Fischer participates in 2021 Fair Saturday Forum panel

Every year, the Fair Saturday Forum brings together international cultural and social leaders to encourage reflection on culture and social innovation as the main drivers to build more humane and positive societies.

Live Music Now’s CEO Janet Fischer was invited to participate in this year’s panel and respond to the question:

In these uncertain times we continue to live in, and given the challenges we still face as humanity, what role should culture and social innovation play in building a better future?

The FSForum – an international space for reflection born in Bilbao in 2017 – brings together a selected panel of leading representatives from the fields of culture, the arts, social innovation, governmental institutions and global organisations to share their reflections on the current situation, helping us envision different futures.

Access to the forum is free on their website. Once you have registered, you will be able to access a daily talk on culture and social innovation from May 2 to May 31.


Click on the image below to access Janet Fischer’s talk:


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