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LMN musicians return to Abu Dhabi

Live Music Now musicians have just returned from delivering a second successful programme of workshops for children with special needs, as part of the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Festival 2010.

Projects took place at the ZHO Abu Dhabi Autism Centre, Mafraq, delivered by Lenny Sayers (clarinet) and the Sollertinsky Piano Trio; and at the Special Care Centre, Abu Dhabi, delivered by Melissa Doecke (flute), Dimitris Dekavallas (guitar) and the Meridian Percussion Duo.

In addition to a full week of workshops in each centre, culminating in a celebratory performance, LMN musicians also delivered training sessions for teachers and presented a masterclass at the British School – Al Khubairat on 'Engaging your Audience'.

Once again, these workshops were a great success and the musicians met with wonderful responses from children. Staff and parents were struck by the progress made by the children during each week, and the way in which children discovered a joy in music making which they had not previously thought possible.

"It was a great week for [the children] and also for our staff, they were also really impressed and happy to make this new experience. Thanks a lot for it!!" Viktoria Frueholz, Music Therapist, Mafraq Centre

"We truly appreciate the efforts taken by "Live Music Now" organization. It gave Sahil an opportunity to experience and learn musical instrument and being a part of this show. It put a line of smile on his face." Menal Saraf, Parent, Special Care Centre

The impact of these workshops reaches beyond the immediate participants and is a demonstration of the vital importance of cultural co-operation which both LMN and the Festival embody.

LMN returns to Abu Dhabi in May to deliver a special project as part of the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of the Future Centre, supported by ADMAF.

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