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Live Music Now Short Listed for RPS Award

Wednesday 22nd April 2009

The charity Live Music Now (LMN) has been short listed for a Royal Philharmonic Society Music Education Award. The Awards recognise the UK's finest live music making with LMN being acknowledged for its imaginative Vocalise education programme. The Vocalise project establishes singing and signing choirs… [read more]


The Role of Live Music to Tackle Health Inequalities

Monday 2nd March 2009

LMN South West has been chosen for the second year running to present at this years' United Kingdom Public Health Conference to be held in Brighton on 26th March 2009. The presentation will explore how participatory live music workshops are used to re-engage excluded and… [read more]


Evidence on live music’s profound impact for Dementia Sufferers

Monday 12th January 2009

Live music's profound impact for Dementia Sufferers Professional observation showing live music's direct impact on continued wellbeing for dementia sufferers has been undertaken by the progressive outreach charity Live Music Now (LMN). The organisation, in partnership with Nightingale House Care Home, London, has been carrying… [read more]


Older people need live music

Wednesday 1st October 2008

On Older People's Day - 1 October 2008 - Live Music Now (LMN) will be demonstrating the impact of live music on older people in care with a special performance attended by actor Simon Callow who is an Ambassador for the charity. Live Music Now,… [read more]


New Website is a major resource for musicians and community organisations

Tuesday 9th September 2008

Live Music Now (LMN), the major force in assisting diverse communities to achieve a better quality of life through music, has re-launched its website. The site is full of information and advice for musicians as well as for private and public organisations interested in the… [read more]


Survey finds that musicians benefit from working with Live Music Now

Monday 8th September 2008

50% musicians say that they have increased self-confidence as a performer 100% believe that LMN has given them skills that broaden employment opportunities 50% say that the scheme has made them more versatile In a recent targeted evaluation undertaken with young, professional musicians working… [read more]


Simon Callow to be an Ambassador for Live Music Now

Monday 11th August 2008

One of the UK's greatest living actors, Simon Callow has announced that he is taking up the mantle for the charity Live Music Now (LMN) and is to become an Ambassador for the organisation. As well as being famous for acting, directing and writing, Simon… [read more]


Mae Live Music Now Cymru'n parhau i gysylltu ag ysgolion, teuluoedd a chartrefi gofal ar-lein

Tuesday 27th July 1920

To read this article in English, click here.   Tra bod y pandemig byd-eang yn parhau i herio’r celfyddydau a bywyd cerddoriaeth fyw dros y byd, ymatebodd Live Music Now Cymru drwy ddatblygu cyfleoedd rhithwir, diolch i arian gan Sefydliad Moondance, Sefydliad Rayne, Cronfa… [read more]

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