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LMN Scotland Director Carol Main attends the European Forum on Music

Live Music Now is proud to be a member of the European Music Council and part of the network of key music organisations it supports across Europe.

The theme of this year’s annual European Forum on Music was ‘Musical Homelands: New Territories’, held in the lovely Polish city of Wroclaw, which is 2016 European Capital of Culture. There was plenty of live music, including concerts in the stunning new concert hall, known as the National Forum on Music. There was also much to learn from speakers and presenters, particularly about working with music and refugees.

LMN’s Director of International Development Carol Main (who leads LMN Scotland) was very pleased to present a session based on the ‘Composing with Care’ commissioning model originated and developed through Live Music Now Scotland.  Bearing in mind the theme of the conference, the presentation focussed on finding personal identity through heritage and music for older people in institutional care, where personal identity can be all too often lost.

The migration aspect of the project is predominantly about people moving from living independently to living in care. Perhaps this is not the most obvious interpretation of migration, but it is one which EMC delegates found of interest, especially considering the role of music in this context.


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