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Simon Callow to be an Ambassador for Live Music Now

Simon Callow - LMN AmbassadorOne of the UK's greatest living actors, Simon Callow has announced that he is taking up the mantle for the charity Live Music Now (LMN) and is to become an Ambassador for the organisation. As well as being famous for acting, directing and writing, Simon has a deep belief in the uplifting power of music.

Simon Callow CBE, said:

"It is my firm belief that music should be as widely and as easily accessible as possible. Music needs to be heard outside the normal concert hall and become part of people's everyday lives.

"I admire Live Music Now's commitment, enthusiasm and expertise. It brings the uplifting power of music to people in all walks of life and allows those in nursing homes, schools, hospitals and prisons to know the emotion and strength that music can bring. In this way, a personal response to music becomes possible for thousands of people who would normally be out of reach."

Simon will help promote LMN and will visit workshops and concerts over the coming year.


Further information from:

Annette Maylam/Rita Vail, Vail & Associates, T: 020 7738 0722

E: [email protected]/[email protected]

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