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Live Music Now at Small Steps School for Parents

In Spring 2019, Live Music Now South East collaborated with Small Steps School for Parents in Putney to create a series of 10 workshop sessions with children under 5 years old and their families, carers and school staff.

LMN Musicians Rosie Bowker and Henri Hill from Durufle Duo and jazz pianist Tom Millar worked alongside staff from Small Steps to run weekly themed music workshops with children with multi-sensory needs. They used singing and movement activities to work towards the children building their social and communication skills and develop independent movement such as sitting and balancing.

The music made a huge impact in the school, with many great responses from parents:

‘My daughter’s confidence has really increased this term. Small Steps is a big part of my daughter’s week that she really looks forward to. She has really enjoyed and been receptive to the musicians who have joined our sessions this term. Maia loves music and has been more engaged and confident as a result.’
 ‘Me and my daughter are enjoying sensory experiences, books and songs. Her high kneeling improved a lot. Live Music Now is complementing the whole experience. Me and my daughter certainly love it.’
‘My son has come on so much in his physical ability this term. We have loved the music sessions. The music can be calming but also motivate the children.’
‘My daughter has enjoyed progress in the parallel bars and she has really enjoyed the musical input which has provided some entertainment and distraction. ‘


Live Music Now is grateful for the help of Samantha Cook, Bettina Kerekes, Anita Coppola and Ruth Evans at Small Steps in organising this project. We hope to do more work like this in the future!

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