Transforming Communities
A scale of approaches in C

Georgina Aasgaard introduces five key concepts to guide musicians’ work with patients.

  • CONNECTION: reading the room, initial connection, communication, creating relationships with child, families and staff.
  • CHILD LED: listening, observing, taking time, tuning in, adapting, reacting and responding.
  • CREATIVITY: flexibility, improvisation, self-expression, learning skills through play and fun.
  • COMMITMENT: quality of delivery, professionalism, reflective practice.
  • CARE: kindness, compassion, curiosity and generosity.
Recommendations for Practice

The following resources are designed to support you in various stages of your practice.

  1. Entering the patients’ space
  2. Connecting and communicating with patients and families
  3. Adapting the music making and repertoire to patients – examples of musical activities on the wards.
  4. Understanding the patients’ reactions
  5. Dealing with challenges