Transforming Communities
Entering a patient’s space can be challenging:
  • How will I introduce myself (i.e. talking/playing)?
  • How do I start the session (what kind of sounds should I use first?)


This short film shows musician Ben starting a music session with a young patient.

Some prompts:
  • Before you enter a room, be aware of the environment of the ward as a whole: overall sound, busyness of corridors, doctors, nurses, play specialists, teachers, cleaners, and family members.
  • Check-in with your key contact on the ward for a handover and always ask if there are any patients you shouldn’t visit.
  • Observe signs on the door regarding infection control, check in with staff to get current guidelines and take all necessary precautions.
  • Remember to wash your hands before entering the space and to clean all instruments before and after the session, using hospital approved wipes.
  • Knock gently on the door introducing yourself through words or soft music making.