Transforming Communities

Patients and families may turn down the offer for music. It is important for musicians not to take it personally, accept the decline, conclude the visit in the most appropriate way and perhaps offer to come back at another time. The musicians should support the patients and their families to feel that they can say yes or no. Other challenges may include:

  • Difficulties in understanding or responding (non-verbal patients, disengaged families, language barrier)
  • Unexpected behaviours or reactions
  • Emotional responses from patients and family members
  • Bereavement

Coping mechanisms may include:

  • Facilitating the present moment for what it is in the best possible way
  • Asking for help (play specialist, ward staff, arts and health coordinator)
  • Peer support (other musicians)
  • Team talk in person/online or WhatsApp
  • Mentoring and extra training
  • Clinical supervision
  • Self-care