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Harmony in the Dunes: Plantlife Cymru and Live Music Now Unveil ‘Musical Dunes’ Project Connecting Students to Nature

In a groundbreaking initiative, Plantlife Cymru and Live Music Now joined forces to introduce ‘musical dunes’ to primary schools in South Wales, creating a harmonious link between education, environmental awareness, and the world of music.

The pilot project took place across four primary schools in South Wales, where students embarked on eye-opening visits to local dune systems. The excursions revealed a hidden world of diverse wild and plant life thriving within these natural landscapes.

Armed with newfound knowledge about the importance of preserving these delicate ecosystems, each class was tasked with a unique challenge – to compose original songs inspired by their experiences. To bring their musical visions to life, Live Music Now musicians collaborated with the students, transforming their newfound environmental awareness into melodies that echoed the beauty of the dunes.

The ‘musical dunes’ project not only bridged the gap between environmental education and the arts but also provided students with a hands-on opportunity to explore and appreciate the natural wonders in their own backyard.

“The idea was to create a sensory experience for the students, blending the magic of nature with the power of music,” said Jen Abell, Director of Live Music Now Cymru. “The dunes became not only a classroom but also a stage for creativity, where students discovered the rhythm of the natural world.”

The resulting compositions ranged from upbeat tunes capturing the energy of the dunes to more serene melodies mirroring the tranquility of the coastal landscapes. The students’ musical expressions not only showcased their artistic talents but also served as a powerful medium to communicate the importance of preserving local ecosystems.

The project culminated in a showcase where students performed their compositions for their peers and teachers. The ‘musical dunes’ project not only fostered a deeper connection between students and nature but also highlighted the potential for innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to education.

Dynamic Dunescapes is supported by the EU LIFE Programme and The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Project partners are Natural England, Plantlife, National Trust, Natural Resources Wales, and The Wildlife Trusts. Green Links Bridgend is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund. Plantlife Cymru and Live Music Now have received an investment from A&B Cymru’s CultureStep to strengthen and develop their creative partnership.

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Watch the Welsh subtitled version of the film here.


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