Transforming Communities

Musicians’ Development

'A life-changing, eye-opening experience which will shape your perspective as a musician, communicator, practitioner and human for the rest of your life.' - Delia Stevens, LMN Alumna

What we do

Working with the best performers from across the field of music, Live Music Now equips musicians with the skills to be more resilient, more flexible and more accommodating. This enables performers to grow in the role of facilitator and communicator, offering skills they can draw on for the rest of their lives.

Live Music Now provides musicians with multiple ways of doing things. Our ethos is one of co-creation and of encouraging musicians to think for themselves. As such, our training focuses on the underpinning principles, prompting musicians to take decisions about what tools to use in particular settings, and starting to develop an offering which is uniquely theirs. We help musicians to bring themselves into the school or care home space and thrive there. 

‘This residency was amazing. We created a special connection between residents who wouldn’t normally communicate with each other, with relatives, volunteers, staff and of course with us.
It was great to see staff confidence in leading singing activities increasing throughout the sessions. They shared songs they had grown up with and sung in different languages, which allowed them to connect with others in the care home and be proud of their heritage.’ – Noga Ritter (vocalist)

Joining Us

For more information on how to become a Live Music Now musician, visit our Musicians’ Recruitment page.

What does working with Live Music Now look like?

Your path with Live Music Now starts with an induction around the work we do and the experiences and outcomes you can expect. We explore how to make your performance as interactive as possible and how to deal with situations that may arise among participants. Our aim is to instil a freedom to experiment, founded upon underlying principles of engagement with audiences in care homes and schools.

Initial Performances

Your first engagement with our audiences will be during interactive concerts, and it is here that you will start to build the bedrock of skills to draw on throughout your career. We aim to give our musicians as much real-world experience as possible to gain experience in engaging audiences, working with those with additional needs and facilitating sessions.

We believe the most effective feedback comes from musicians who have been through training and performing with Live Music Now, and will provide you with a mentor to guide you throughout the process.

Developing your Practice

You will start shadowing our experienced performers on creative residencies, helping them to deliver their workshops. Over time, as you gain experience and responsibility, you will come to lead sessions and multi-session residencies yourself. From there, you have the opportunity to grow further and to facilitate your own long-term creative projects and become a mentor yourself.

Our commitments

Live Music Now are committed to musical quality, fair access and developing our musicians for life. We pay musicians for their engagements and offer support along the entire journey for their emotional resilience and wellbeing.