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NHS 75: Celebratory Canteen Concerts

Say Thank You through music: a shared, instinctive and universally understood language.

  • Live, participatory concerts for your staff
  • Provided by a range of musicians, from beat boxers to classical harpists!

Live Music Now is a charity working and campaigning to create inclusive, measurable social impact through music. As well as working with older people living with dementia and children facing disabling barriers, our professional musicians also work with NHS healthcare and key workers.

This July 2023, we’re offering you the opportunity to energise your staff team with a special performance from Live Music Now musicians, as part of the NHS’ 75th birthday celebrations!

“Having events like these makes us feel valued as staff members.” Hospital Staff Member, The Royal Marsden Hospital Sutton

What’s On Offer?

We want to help you say a big thank you to all your staff this July as we mark the NHS’ 75th birthday: without them, the NHS would not be where it is today! By booking a concert with our musicians, not only can you show your staff team how much their hard work is appreciated, but also boost their mood with the uplifting and immeasurable power of music.

Long-Term Benefits

There is a growing body of evidence that live music offers real benefits to health and wellbeing. Our own feedback and evaluation shows outcomes in a range of areas, such as increased happiness and enjoyment for staff, and personal and cultural development through interacting meaningfully with lively, stimulating professional performers.


  • Enhances health & wellbeing
  • Improves mood
  • Supports a positive and energised environment

What do we need from you?

Please contact us to secure your performance. Our booking system is designed to make facilitating these concerts as simple and stress-free as possible for you.

  1. Let us know your budget, which date/time works best for your hospital, the address and the desired performance space e.g. canteen, staff room. If you have a preference, tell us which musicians you would like to book (subject to availability). If you’re not sure, we can suggest someone based on your budget.
  2. Send us your Covid-Secure Risk Assessment and make us aware of any relevant access information e.g. parking and protocols for visiting.
  3. Provide us with contact details for a member of staff who will be able to meet the musician(s) on arrival.
  4. Live Music Now will liaise with the musicians on your behalf, provide them with a schedule/contract and ensure they are fully prepared for each performance.
  5. We will invoice you within 28 days of the event.


The cost of a participatory performance varies depending on the size of the ensemble, the duration of the event and location.

As an example, the cost of an hour-long concert starts at (does not include London-weighting or travel):

  • Soloist: £272 + VAT £54 Total cost £326
  • Duo: £402 + VAT £80 Total cost £482
  • Trio: £507 + VAT £101 Total cost £608
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