Transforming Communities

Our Values

Music is a declared human right: a shared, instinctive and universally understood language. It forms a foundation of human relationships and community. Yet many who experience social exclusion, isolation or disadvantage have limited access to musical activity.

As we move towards our vision of becoming a recognised leader in positive, lasting social change, we believe in:


Working together we can achieve greater impact and reach, especially when we join diverse perspectives with an ethos of collaboration, empathy, and respect.


We have a responsibility to take courageous and informed decisions, increase visibility for the transformative impact of music, and effect social change. This is reflected in our Environmental Responsibility, as we strive to become climate champions in all that we do.


Equity, inclusion and lived experience is at the heart of our culture, driving innovation and empowering those we work with to reach their full potential. This is reflected in our work to improve our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, as we strive for our organisation to properly reflect the communities we work within.


Creativity is an essential part of a fulfilling life. We facilitate musical connections, support people to develop their musical identities and live musical lives.


Research and data underpins everything we do. We set rigorous standards to evaluate our work, continuously improve our programmes and contribute to the wider body of evidence supporting the impact of music.

You can read more about our vision and our long-term commitments in our Strategic Intent, available here.