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Recruitment FAQs



Live Music Now seeks to bring brilliant and passionate performers from a range of backgrounds, genres and performance methods to our audiences and participants. If you are a professional performer in any genre with a strong musical identity, are technically excellent, and have a passion for connecting with others through music, then we are interested to hear from you.

There are no formal entry criteria, and we encourage applicants from both formal and non-formal training backgrounds. A typical Live Music Now performance would require you to perform a varied set for up to 60 minutes, so you should be able to demonstrate the breadth of your craft, as well as offer variety and versatility in your repertoire and musicianship.

You should be undertaking paid, public performance as part of a portfolio of work.

We are open to all types of live music.  Much of our work is in intimate community settings, so large-scale music that requires more than five people, or lots of amplification and equipment probably wouldn’t work. However, we’re willing to be challenged if you think you can make it work! 

If you do need to use electronic equipment you must be able to provide your own, transport it and be able to set up easily.

Anything as long as you’re portable! We have had everything from flute duos through to percussion ensembles.

Ensembles should be up to a maximum of five players. You’ll be working in small community venues such as care homes and schools, so large groups and/or big, amplified set-ups would not be suitable. If you are a pianist/keyboard-player it can be helpful to have your own equipment, but instruments can occasionally be loaned out if not available at the venue.

Soloists please see the following questions for suitability.

You need to be able to perform a varied and engaging programme/set for 60 minutes, either solo or accompanying yourselfSolo singers and instrumentalists either need to be able to accompany themselves (live not recorded) or apply with a duo partner.

If your concert programme usually requires an accompanist then please apply as a duo. We do not match performers together and we look for pre-existing performers/groups.

We don’t encourage the use of backing tracks, though use of a loop pedal/live electronics is acceptable.

Yes. Please submit a single application and mention this during the questions, and if possible you should demonstrate performances of each instrument as part of your video. If invited to the recruitment workshop you should bring all your instruments.

Yes. You should submit an application for each ensemble that is applying. If you are also applying as a soloist you must do a separate application for this as well. Please do not copy and paste your answers across different applications.

If you are invited to the workshops you would need to attend on a date where both ensembes are available or attend two dates. There is no guarantee that all ensembles will be invited to a workshop or successfully admitted to the scheme.


We are looking to work with musicians who are new to working with our audiences in community venues, and keen to develop their skills in this area. This could be at any stage in your career

Yes, providing you meet the other criteria.

Applicants must be over 18 years old. There is no upper age limit. 

No! Live Music now encourages applications from all backgrounds and welcmes musicians that have studied their craft through non-formal education and training routes. To be a Live Music Now musician you must be actively performing professionally and playing to a high standard.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

Only musicians who are resident and have permission to work in the UK may apply. Exceptions may apply for musicians who reside in the Republic of Ireland.

Yes. However, you need to consider whether you have time available to attend training and give performances on weekdays during the daytime, when most performances take place. 

Tier 4 visa holders should consult their sponsoring higher education institutions for guidance on employment and external engagements. You also need to consider whether you have time available to attend training and give performances on weekdays during the daytime, when most performances take place.

Yes.  Please contact Nina Swann and Jack Fearn on [email protected] to discuss how we can help.

Yes. Live Music Now is committed to removing barriers that prevent access to anyone wishing to work or participate in our programme.

If you would like an informal conversation about any concerns you have regarding accessibility, please contact Nina Swann or Jack Fearn on [email protected].


Live Music Now applications take place in two stages. You must first submit an audition application form and short video of you performing. Applications are then shortlisted, and you are then invited to attend one of the recruitment workshops, facilitated by a Live Music Now specialist practitioner.

The workshops involve learning new skills and performing as part of your ensemble/as a soloist, and you will receive feedback and instruction from the practitioner and peers. After all the workshops have been completed, you will be notified of the outcome of your application.

For a preview of the application form questions, click here.

The Recruitment Workshops are half-day sessions where you will learn new skills and explore techniques and ideas for making your performance engaging and interactive for community audiences. The workshops are a supportive, non-competitive and relaxed environment where you will meet other like-minded musicians. Workshops are hosted by experienced facilitators with support from current Live Music Now musicians who, along with your peers, will provide you with instruction and feedback on how your performance engages with the audience.

You will have an opportunity to perform as part of the session, therefore it is vital that you are able to attend with any other members of your ensemble and you must bring all required instruments/music with you.


Live Music Now has six operating regions across England, Wales/Cymru and Northern Ireland. Recruitment workshops are held across the country at different times of the year. If there’s not a date for your area shown on the website, please log your interest here to be notified when we are next recruiting in your area. 

If you are a musician based in Scotland, you should apply to our sister organisation Live Music Now Scotland.

Our recruitment is non-competitive and we do not recruit to a quota. There is no fixed number of places in total, nor is there a limited number of a specific instrument or type of performer that we will take on.

We will assess your overall application and if we feel you are the right fit for Live Music Now then you will be approached to join the programme. Among other things, successful applicants demonstrate a high standard of performance, a professional approach to engaging with an audience, and a willingness to learn.

Ensembles can apply via the same form on our recruitment page. Each member of your ensemble should complete separate application forms, select apply as a group and list the name of your ensemble when asked. Please answer all the questions individually – it is understood that there will be some overlap in your experiences.

Ensembles with members living in different parts of the country may struggle to accept work with Live Music Now due to travel and rehearsal implications. Please discuss this and contact us if you have any questions.

Yes, each member of your ensemble should complete separate application forms, select apply as a group and list the name of your ensemble when asked. Please answer all the questions individually – it is understood that there will be some overlap in your experiences. You can submit links to the same or different videos if you wish.

We would like to see a short video of you performing live.

The video should be:
– with the same instrument(s)/people you will be applying with if part of an ensemble
– a piece that best showcases your musical abilities, and represents your identity as a performer
– a live/acoustic performance
– recent (within the last 6 months)
– under 5 minutes in length

Your video does not need to be professionally recorded – footage taken on mobile phones is perfectly acceptable provided the audio is clear and we can see you in the video.

Soloists – please submit a video of you performing and self-accompanying (if required). If you require an accompanist to perform then you should apply with a duo partner.

Please submit a link/URL to a single, online video, when asked in the application form.

This could be:
– A video hosted on sites such as YouTube/Vimeo (please ensure these are either ‘unlisted’ or ‘public’)
– A video file saved to a cloud-based service like Dropbox/Google Drive, that can be viewed in a web browser. Files must not require downloading.

Please note: we are unable to accept videos hosted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X or TikTok, or videos that require downloading. Links to YouTube channels or video collections rather than a specific video will not be accepted.

All musicians accepted on to the scheme will need to possess an Enhanced level certificate for working with children and vulnerable adults. The certificate must be recent (issued less than 2 years prior) OR must have a valid subscription to the DBS update service (England and Wales).

If musicians need to apply for a new check they will be guided through the procedure.


We believe that music is a universal language with the power to connect people. It can empower them to take control of their lives, making long-lasting positive changes. This might be through enhanced ability to communicate with others and connect with society, or to show self-expression and improve self-esteem.  It may also be the key to communication with the outside world for those who are not able to verbalise.

There is no cut-off point for remaining on the scheme.  It may be that the nature of the work offered evolves as you become more experienced, but we hope to develop a pool of diverse, skilled and talented musicians to work for us as we expand.  

Live Music Now offers a comprehensive training programme to support you throughout your time on the scheme. Click here for more information on the journey as a musician with Live Music Now.

This will depend on your availability, your level of experience and training, and the level of project funding available.  

We set our fees in fees in line with Musicians’ Union rates for educational work.   
Fees vary depending on the length and type of performance. These are reviewed annually in order to ensure that they compare favourably with the fee scales of similar organisations and are within the professional bodies’ guidelines. LMN contributes towards the cost of travel and subsistence when you are away from home and covers accommodation costs as necessary.

No. If you are not available, another group will be offered the work.

You will have a region that is your primary base, and the majority of the work offered will be close to that. However, we may offer you tours and other projects across the UK. We also deliver work online.

We have regional branches in Wales/Cymru, Northern Ireland and England (North-East, North-West, South-West, South-East and London). For musicians in Scotland, please see our sister organisation Live Music Now Scotland.

Live Music Now does not provide or organise transport for you, but will pay for your petrol or train, bus etc.

Live Music Now will try to organise work to suit you or your group. We will always ask first if you are happy to play in a particular kind of venue or community setting, and if there are situations with which you are not comfortable you will be able to say no to these.

Mostly on weekdays during the day. If you are working for a period of time away from your home-base, this means staying overnight in the part of the country where the work is taking place.

Yes. All musicians on the scheme are freelance and do a range of other performances and work.

Most LMN performances take place on weekdays during the daytime. Any other commitments should allow you some availability during these times in order to be able to accept LMN work.